What is RemoteKontroller? RemoteKontroller (RK) is a free app that allows you to control Your PC with your android devices using just a simple WIFI Connection.

RK can act as Keyboard or as a Mouse, or Both at the same time!. Benefit from the convenience of a WIFI connection and control your PC remotely!

RK has a specifically built layout system that allows You and other people to create Your custom Keyboard\Mouse\GamePad\[Put Device Here]\ecc… Configuration!

Tired of shortcuts, that make you spend time and slow your workflow? Don’t worry, RK got you covered. With RK’s unique layout System it’s possible to produce key-shortcuts of any length with just one click!

Use Your Android Devices in a new way! Try RemoteKontroller!

RemoteKontroller is composed of two Parts: The first is the RemoteKontroller APP for Android, while the second one is the RemoteKontroller PC Client. You will be able to run RemoteKontroller only if You have Both.

The RemoteKontroller APP can be found on Google Play.

For the RemoteKontroller PC Client, check the Pc Tools page.

For those who can’t wait to get their hands dirty with the layout system designed for RemoteKontroller, the RemoteKontroller Layout Editor is available on Pc Tools page.

Check the System Requirements Page to make sure you can “handle” RemoteKontroller.